FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

What makes a marketing project, design, or photography effective?

Why choose Sarno Photography & Graphic Design™?

What do I need to do before I set up an appointment with SP&GD?

What is the best design for my project?

How long will an art project take to create?

How far do you travel?

How much do you charge?

Who owns the copyrights to the designs and images SP&GD creates?

What is licensing?

What are the benefits of licensing?


Why does my company need a logo?

Why does my company need a website?

How do I attract visitors to my site once it is built?

How do I ensure my website is performing as I had planned?

What are the keyword and website log analysis reports?

How do I get my visitors to return to my website?

What is important about search engines?

Do you create all the images for the designs that you make?

What are 360° virtual tours?

What file formats do 360° virtual tours come in?


How does assignment photography work?

Do you photograph digitally or with film?

Why is the 360° x 180° format so important?

Do you go on location for portrait photography?

Do you have a studio to photograph in?

What should I wear for my portrait?

How long will it take before I see proofs from the photo session?

Do you photograph weddings or special events?

Do I need to hire models?

How is the estimate calculated?

How does SP&GD calculate the image usage fees?