Color and Your Company Image

When creating your company image, start from the very beginning. Think of what colors you will want your company to be known by. Having a consistent color scheme can make your company more recognizable. After you pick your colors from the information below you can then build your most important aspect of your company image, your company logo. This logo will then be used on all your company marketing materials to make you instantly recognizable.

A Logo is Your Company Image

Humans are very image driven. If one is to think back in your own life you will note that the things you remember the most always have an image associated with it. Images of joy and happiness have a far greater affect then words alone. Many people cannot erase these images from their mind no matter how hard they try. The saying “words can not describe it” is often followed by, “ you should have been there to see it,” or “I wish I had a camera.” Images give words and messages more weight and will often drive your message home. Read more

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