List of Important SEO Strategies

This list of important search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will help you perform some of your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and better understand some of what a web designer should do to optimize a website for you. There is more to SEO than the following list; however, these are the most important strategies that you need to know and implement. Sarno Photography & Graphic Design can take care of the more complex SEO for you. Keep this list handy each time you write a new web page.

Choose the Right Keyword Phrases

Choose targeted niche keyword phrases to use throughout your metadata and body copy. The more precise your keyword phrases, the better your Search Engine Optimization will be. Keyword phrases are better than single keywords and will generate a more target audience.

Use Your Keyword Phrase in Titles

Use your keywords in your web page title meta tag and for the heading of the web page. Make sure the title meta tag and H1 html heading tag are the same and relevant to the content of the page. Your designer should be doing this for you or you may be doing this if you are adding pages to a content magement system (you have the ability to add or edit pages yourself).

Use a Description Meta Tag

Your description meta tag is very important. Use your keyword phrases in your description tags and tailor the description to each page. This will tell the search engine what you want to be listed under. This is the copy that many search engines use for your page summary when you are listed in a search.

Keywords Meta Tag

The keywords meta tag is still important to use even though it is losing importance for search engines. You definately should still list your relevant keyword phrases within your keywords meta tag. Do not overload the keywords or you will get flagged for spamming. 1-5 is good. 10 can be too much but it all depends on your particular keyword phrase and web page.

Use Search Engin Friendly (SEF) URLs

Your urls, or each web page address, should be Search Engine Friendly as well as user friendly.

For example use:


Do not use:

" center/ list user ? 123/ seo 3 ?/ important ?"

Your web designer should know how to implement this. The reason is that it is easier for search engines to index a real url that does not contain spaces or question marks "?” and visitors can much more easily read, bookmark, and share your url with others.

Include Lots of Quality Written Content

The more written content you have on your website, the more search engines will know what your website and web page are about. Search engines are getting better at indexing media such as images and video, however, written text is still king and will greatly support images and video for SEO. Also, the more pages you have, the greater the chance they will be ranked high and the more doorways customers will have to enter your website.

Keep Code Clean

Your website should be written in the most current coding standards. Make sure your web designer avoids code bloat and old web authoring techniques. Also if you are writting and editng your website youreslf (blogs etc.) without the help of a professional designer then make sure you understand the basics of html. It is very easy to add garbage code form MS word and other sorces into your carefully written content.

Search engines have to search though all the code to find the keyword phrases you carefully chose. You don’t want the web code to get in the way of your carefully written content. If your website is more than a 3-5 years old, it is time for a complete upgrade to conform to new web standards and security.

Include Keywords within Body Copy

Use your keyword phrases within your body copy. The written content on your web page must be about the keyword phrase that your web page is optimized for. The more your written copy is about your page topic the better. Placing your keyword phrases early in the body text of pages in your site is very beneficial. Well-written sentences that are topically focused are the best for search engine robots as they have become wary of words that seem to be placed randomly on a page without supporting words to provide context.

Use Links and Site Maps within Your Site

Search engines index web pages by following links from other pages. To get all your pages listed in a search engine you must add links to them from within your website. Make sure your link anchor text or hyperlink is relevant and descriptive. Never use “click here,” because the search engine will not know why it is going there. Search engines read your links so they know where to go next, and they use the link anchor text to know what it might find when it reaches that page. Make sure all pages link back to your domain name. Adding a text-based site map with links to every page along with an xml site map will not only help your human visitors but they will help search engines list your pages as well.

Boost Your Local Listing

To attract local search hits use your local information throughout your entire website, not just on your contact page. For example, within the content or in a list at the bottom, state that you are located within “Middletown”, near “other towns” and within “some county.” Don’t forget to sign up for local listings on all the major search engines and map websites.

Acquire Links from Other Websites

This is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Acquiring links from other websites that are related to your topic and keyword phrases is very important. The more third party websites that link to your targeted web pages, the better your page rank will be. This makes you look like an authoritative website on the subject in the eyes of the search engines and your visitors.

Ask those who link to your website to use your targeted keyword phrases as the anchor text and alt tags for the links directed to your web page of that topic. This will help that particular page list well. This is becoming the most important strategy for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Infact you should have your web designer create pre-made hyperlinks to your targeted pages complete with your keyword prases in them. A share button with code links and social media links should be on every page of your website. This will make it easy to have others link to you with the right keyword phrases and to spread the word for you.

Submit to Web Directories

When your new website is first created or when you have made major changes, submit your website to major web directories. This will add to the number of websites that link to your website. Many search engines use these web directories to list new websites they find in the directory. Make sure you use free and reputable web directories such as Open Directory and and avoid link farms. Web directories that service your niche industry or target audience can be very valuable.

Link to Other Websites

Linking to other websites that are related to your topic and keyword phrase is important. You should link only to web pages that cover the same topic or keyword phrase that your web page covers and that add to the information you provide. Many search engines and visitors will see that the topics of the two websites are related, which will boost your ranking because they see your web page as a helpful authority on the topic. Don’t forget to use your targeted keyword phrases as the anchor text and alt tags for the links directed to the off-site web page of that topic. This will help that particular page list well.

Submit to Search Engines

Only when your new website is first created, submit your website to major search engines. If your web pages are already listed within a particular search engine database do not resubmit. This is a waste of time and may even get you banned by some search engines.

Instead you should submit a XML site map or RSS fead to the search engines. Your web designer or other third party companies can provide automatic submitions. 

Do not submit to small, lesser known search engines without researching them first. Many are just spam farms or content stealers. When in doubt, avoid them; they are not worth the time or the hassle for the small amount of visitors that they send your way.

Avoid Trickery and Old Tactics

Do not use spam techniques such as link farms, irrelevant keywords, keyword stuffing, fake doorway pages, multiple websites, multiple domain names,  and other unethical SEO and SEM techniques that were once used in the past. Use the above important SEO strategies and your website will be found and ranked well by search engines.

Search engine optimization(SEO) can be complex and time consuming. It does take time and effort to keep up with the popular search engine algorithms. These algorithms (rules a search engine uses for ranking your website) can change without notice and can change often, sometimes monthly. It is best to just focus on the web pages that contain your most important keyword phrases first. As time allows and your budget increases you can then focus on the other secondary web pages. If you need help, Sarno Photography & Graphic Design is just a phone call away and we can do all of the above and more for you.



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Excellent information. An SEO company should make you money, bottom line. The best SEO company in New York can actually do keyword research and strategy, website optimization, link development, and content creation. Approaching SEO holistically and analyzing your marketing strategy in depth can pay handsomely in the long run.

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