Image Unity Is Everything

The most important thing you need to know about graphic design is that all your marketing projects need to have image unity to communicate your core marketing message. You need to have a company image and you need to have every project reflect your brand. That does not mean everything needs to look the same. It does mean that your graphic designer needs to design your projects so that they are consistent with your image, your core marketing message, and the other projects that your business is using.

Take a look at your current marketing material. If you put it all together and no two pieces look like they represent one company image, it may be time for a complete company re-branding. Sarno Photography & Graphic Design™ makes sure that every graphic design project I design for you has unity with every other project I design for you. Every piece of marketing material should all look and feel like they represent your company image and marketing message whether or not they stand alone or work together.