Color and Your Company Image

When creating your company image, start from the very beginning. Think of what colors you will want your company to be known by. Having a consistent color scheme can make your company more recognizable. After you pick your colors from the information below you can then build your most important aspect of your company image, your company logo. This logo will then be used on all your company marketing materials to make you instantly recognizable. If you are not sure what colors would be best for your company contact Sarno Photography & Graphic Design™ and I will help guide you in your color choice.

Colors are not just used to make graphics and photos look attractive. They help to stimulate mood, feelings, and provoke a thought or action. Careful thought should be given to what you want to portray to your target audience. Many years of study have gone into color theory and how to properly use color. Studies have shown that people respond more to color than they do to black and white.

The proper use of color can be very effective. However, poor use of color can convey the wrong message and have an undesired effect. Keep in mind that people respond to different colors differently. Color will affect people according to their experiences, age, race, gender, nationality, and what is currently in fashion. Unfortunately, choosing the right colors can be complicated. Proper research is imperative before you choose your company or project colors. In an effort to make this task less complicated SP&GD has compiled the following guidelines for your color choice:

Black: classy, sexy, sinister, dangerous, authority
For security and protection, or classy ritzy businesses, luxury goods

White: peace, love, spirituality, purity, innocence, cleanliness, loneliness
For wedding services, cleaning products, baby products, religious and spiritual organizations

Bright warm colors are considered stimulating and exciting:

Red: aggression, passion, love, stimulating, and danger
For sports services, love services or products, dining,

Pink: soft, feminine, loving
For fashion, feminine products or services, infant products or services

Orange: happy, festive, bright, high energy
For cleaning products, health and energy products, speedy products and services, fun services

Yellow: vitality, optimism, health, and sunshine
For health and wellness services, communication services such as yellow pages

Peach: charitable imaging
For charities, caring services and products, products and services for children

Gold /Silver: regal, wealth, class, security
For banks and financial institutions, high quality and classy services, luxury, jewelry

Brown: Security, earthy, support
For security services, coffee or chocolate goods or earthy natural products

Dark cool colors are considered calming:

Blue Dark: calming, tradition,
For executive imaging, financial services, large investments requiring trust and tradition.

Blue Light: calming, cleanliness, children and babies, creativity, spirituality
For architects, arts, creative products, problem solving services, computer services

Green: nature, purity, cleanliness, health
For health food stores, health services, nurseries & gardens, personal hygiene

Purple: regal, royalty, daring
For upscale industries

Violet: combination of red and blue, intimacy

Gray: passive, earth support, strength = rock
For landscaping, masonry, home repair

Mauve: gratification of the senses
For entertainment, art, home furnishings, gambling