Clean Up Your Keywords - April 2010

Spring is Here

Happy Earth Day! Spring is a time for new growth, new possibilities, getting outside, and cleaning up. All of this month’s articles will help you market your business by cleaning up for spring.

Marketing Advice

Choose the right keywords and you could see your website traffic soar. Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, it is important to think about which keywords your target audience is likely to use to find your website. The following three articles will help your SEO effort by teaching you the basics of keywords, including whether you are using the right keywords for your web pages. You can then clean up your keyword list so that you only use the keywords that will bring results… Read more about: How to Choose the Right Keyword Phrases


Having a great-looking property is important to all businesses, especially those in the hospitality, architecture and tourism industries. An Adopt-a-Highway program can directly benefit your business by creating goodwill and a positive view of the inside and outside of your business. Cleaning up your town and your streets will bring you more business. Learn how… Read more about: Adopt-a-Highway is Good for Tourism Business

Did You Know?

The time of year can make a difference in the photographs of your property. Spring is a great time to photograph both the exterior and interior of your property if you have lots of trees. Leaves on trees can:

  • Excessively shade your property.
  • Block the view of your property.
  • Block the view from your property.
  • Make interiors dark.

When photographing in spring everything still looks alive and green; however, leaves are not blocking your building or the sun. Call me today to photograph your location before the leaves grow in and block a great architectural or scenic photo.